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I am primarily a watercolour painter who likes to challenge herself to paint difficult subjects, water and skies in particular, these are my latest themes. My work has taken many directions across a broad range of subjects; landscapes, portraits and still life.

Living not far from the coast near Rye, East Sussex, I find inspiration in the sea and all its many moods and changes of weather. There are so many variations to be found on the surfaces of water from a flat calm mirror like surface to wild foaming waves.

I regularly visit beaches in three locations to obtain reference; The South coast near Rye, around Southwold Suffolk and Hope Cove on the South Devon coast. 

Getting out and about with my sketchbook is very important to me, I have enjoyed drawing from a very young age, I have a variety of sketchbooks for different subject matters and mediums.

Artist Practice

I build up layers of watercolour paint, starting with washes and finishing with a dry brush or natural sponge to create more random marks or I work in mixed media, combining pencil drawing with watercolour. I paint using wet-into-wet, dry-on-dry and wet-on-dry techniques, glazing over with a number of layers, aiming to find a good balance between detail and looser mark making.

I use photography and sketches as a starting point for my paintings, often ‘designing’ the picture from a number of different images. Back in my studio, I work on a series of repeat camera images or close up details, improving the composition of the artwork. I crop and splice the reference pictures and adjust the colours using Photoshop.

Flic Flutter with RI Diploma
Flic Flutter featured at SGFA exhibition
Flic with sketch book
Flic's brushes and pens

I grew up in West Sussex, then lived in London, Kent and now in East Sussex. 
1973 – 1974 St.Martin’s College of Art - Foundation Course
1974 – 1977 Kingston Polytechnic - BA degree in Graphic Design
1977 - 1986 Based in London working in the Advertising Industry as a Typographer, Illustrator and later as Assistant Studio Manager in a large Sales Promotion company.

From 1986 - self employed as a Graphic Designer then Watercolour Painter, this is now a full time profession
2008 - 2016 - Committee member for South East Open Studios
2013 - 2022 - Committee member for the Cranbrook Art Show
Full member of the SGFA - Society of Graphic Fine Art
Full Member - the Wilderness Art Collective
2022 Elected as a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours

I have exhibited in London at the Mall Galleries with the RI of Painters in Watercolours, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, the Society of Women Artists and the ING Discerning Eye. Also Bankside Gallery with Open Watercolour exhibitions. 
Royal West Academy Bristol, Open Exhibition 2021. 
Top selection by Art Critic Tabish Khan at Pure Arts Group 2021 - ART 360.
First Place Prize Winner with International Watercolour Masters 2022.

Over the years, I have had work in small Galleries in the South East. Currently I am being represented by The Gallery, Holt, Norfolk administered by Adrian Hill Fine Art.
My paintings are in collections throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


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